Stop Chasing Symptoms and get to the Root Cause of your Health Complaints
Join Guillermo Martin in a customized program to uncover the underlying reasons why you are not feeling your best. By utilizing Functional Lab Testing and implementing a practical diet and lifestyle strategy, you can take control of your own health and learn how to rebalance and support your body. With proper function, health can be restored and feeling great is possible again!
It may seem common in our modern world to have symptoms, but that doesn’t mean that they are normal; headaches, fatigue, extra weight, joint and muscle pain, digestive problems, foggy thinking, trouble sleeping and skin issues are actually messages from your body that you have an imbalance or dysfunction – these are not just “signs of aging”. Maybe you’ve been struggling with these symptoms and your doctor’s lab results indicate “there’s nothing wrong with you” or you are told that you “just have to live with it and manage the pain”. This is not an acceptable model of health care.

Through Functional Lab Tests and a customized diet and lifestyle strategy, you will learn how to get to the root cause of your health complaints and return your body to proper function.

Instead of just masking symptoms, we will look at how your body is working and seek out healing opportunities. We do this by using Functional Lab Tests to find the H.I.D.D.E.N causes and conditions that lead to your health complaints.

Basándome en mis conocimientos como “Health Lifestyle Coach” (mentor de salud holística) del instituto C.H.E.K. y como practicante de “Functional Diagnostic Nutrition” (nutrición de diagnóstico funcional), ofrezco 3 opciones distintas de consultas.

Todas mis consultas se realizan por Skype (bájate el programa aquí). El horario es de la costa este de los EEUU (pincha aquí).

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